W2W Coach Role – Coach Training Handbook

Apply to be a Coach: North County | South County

The Women2Women (W2W) adult coaching program was developed by a task force of the Coalition of Chautauqua County Women and Girls. The program matches a participant with a coach to create a supportive relationship. Learn more about the North County and South County programs below.

Coaches focus on:

  • Establishing a relationship of trust and support
  • Supporting the efforts of the participant to think through issues, explore alternatives, and take action
  • Helping to focus on the participants strengths and unique abilities, not on the negatives
  • Helping the participant focus on her goals and strategies to reach them
  • Asking questions to help the participant to increase her self-awareness and self-management, especially when emotions and behaviors derail progress
  • Encouraging the identification of others who can be part of a healthy support system
  • Supporting positive parenting behavior and skills, if applicable

North County – Apply to be a North County Coach

Coaches in the North County program provide a one-to-one caring relationship with a woman completing her last year of college at either the State University of New York at Fredonia, Jamestown Community College’s North County Center or Erie 2-Chautauqua-Cattaraugus BOCES. The coach will work with one participant for approximately one year with a goal of supporting the participant as she completes her schooling and makes decisions about her future employment or continued education.

For more information, email the North County W2W Coordinator at

South County – Apply to be a South County Coach

The W2W mentoring program in the South County matches a participant with a coach to assist in meeting her goals. The program promotes one-on-one relationships to receive assistance with finding a job, meeting an educational goal, making good life choices, and reducing generational poverty. Coaches and participants are matched based on interests, values, and personalities by the W2W Coordinator who maintains strong communication with both parties. The program collaborates with many community agencies to link participants to services and opportunities.

For more information, email the South County W2W Coordinator at